Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Ordinary Year: 2015

Contemplating this post, I was struck by the beautiful, relative quiet, and ordinariness of this past year - especially compared to last year.

The last half of 2014 had been tough.  The death of a mother and brother rock your world a bit. We were all still processing those changes as we headed into 2015, but we saw and felt God's comfort and provision as we walked through our days. 

He is faithful.

Today, I've been looking back over my 2015 calendar, and the events posted on it have made me smile. A sampling of those written on it:

Lunch - Sue/Marla
BSF starts back up
Make apple cake
Season Premier - Amazing Race
Marriage Retreat
Faith - track meet, Warrensburg, MO
Meet with Ron and Suzie
Mary Grace - violin
Kiowa groomed
My thyroid mess (?? - do not remember what the "mess" was!)
Give Elizabeth her car insurance card
To Alabama!
Will's Wedding!!!!!!!
Elisabeth Elliot live stream funeral service
KAA volunteer week
Put freezer meat in trash
Colorado vacay
El Salvador Mission
Tour de Barbecue
Mary Grace - tennis Team State
Route 66 Marathon
Ice/decorate Jesus bday cake

Delightfully ordinary, right? Thank you, Lord. 

Another ordinary activity that I enjoy (that's not on the calendar) is mass texting family members. It's like a virtual group hug. When our Faith got engaged to Isaak Pearson on December 22 (a happy, happy day), our fingers started flying.

I plan on carrying over that mass habit into 2016! 
We have a couple of big, no-so-quiet, not-so-ordinary events already on the calendar for 2016 - one of which is a wedding! This sweet guy popped the question to this sweet girl and she said yes!

Wedding is March 13, 2016

We are thrilled! 
And busy.
And planning.

But before that consumes the next 3 months, it's time to look back at some of our favorite photos from 2015. 

And thank God for this life He's given. 

For the lives He's given.

And for His life He gave for all us sinners.

Blessings on you as you look back...

Typical lunch my health conscious husband takes everyday to work. #practiceswhathepreaches

Before a winter bike ride, and a much needed shave

When the Okies (Hannah & Alex) come to visit, we are happy

Even Kiowa likes to listen when we read out loud after dinner

A favorite dessert...Lou's Creme Brûlée 

We like to ride. We don't like to run into each other-which we did...on Mother's Day. Not fun.

We like to hold hands, too.
Spring Break Texas trip

My nieces' wedding in Rochester, MN. Such a happy time.

Here's Sue and Marla of calendar lunch fame :)
To cultivate a lot of beauty....

you usually get really dirty.

We like to hike

The text...

the people the text was about. #biggestgroupwehaveeverhadspendthenight #whew #fun

How we spent a lot of time. Also very fun.
Medical mission trip to El Salvador. Powerful time for this father/daughter

State Baby!!!!

Blogged for 31 Days about our Tribe's Vibe

When family comes to visit, you visit the candy store down the street!! #creatordelights

David killed his first marathon!! So excited for him and proud of him!

Urban hiking;)

West coast kid home for the holidays

Christmas 2015

Blessings as you look forward to 2016!

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