Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: 31 Days

Welcome to 31 Days of My Tribe's Vibe!
As a young mom, (even still as an older mom) I loved reading about other families and the things they thought and tried. They were like me - just trying to make this thing called family work - and be beautiful and full of love.

So, I've decided to chat about some of the vibes of our tribe for the next 30 days.

I'm going to share:
      a few thoughts on marriage.
      a few thoughts on parenting.
      a few triumphs.
      a few regrets.
      a few ideas.
      a few prayers.

I hope hearing about the ups and downs of my tribe encourages you as you love on those near to your heart.

Looking forward to you joining me!


My Tribe

Teaser for tomorrow: Short & Sweet parenting philosophy that I wish I'd thought of.

Note: I'll be adding links to my other posts below as I publish them daily, so you'll have kind of a "one-stop" blogging experience for this series!

Day 2:  Three Little Words

Day 3:  The Scenery

Day 4: Good is Good

Day 5: Do Again

Day 6:  Do-Over-->Yes Ma'am

Day 7: Do Again-->Interrupt Rule

Day 8: Do-Over-->Verbal Vomit

Day 9: Do Again-->Practicing

Day 10: Do-Over-->The Basement

Day 11: Do Again-->Short and Sweet

Day 12: TV Dinners

Day 13: A Table Blessing

Day 14: Sit Down for This One

Day 15: Breakfast with Dad

Day 16: Decisions, Decisions

Day 17: The Room

Day 18: Kid of the Week

Day 19: Thankfuls

Day 20: A Lie

Day 21: A Conflict Closer

Day 22: Games I Play

Day 23: Have Courage

Day 24: A Headphone Manifesto

Day 25: The Homestretch

Day 26: My Go-To

Day 27: Other People to the Rescue

Day 28: Smiling and Laughing

Day 29: Unfiltered

Day 30: On Tiptoe

Day 31: 31 Days Last Post

----->  P.S. LOTS of bloggers are participating in this 31 Day writing challenge. Click here to go to the home page of this event. Scroll down just a bit to see all the different categories people are writing about for this month. Lots of helpful stuff. Just an FYI, my series is under the "Family Life" heading. Enjoy!

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