Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Convinced. God Would Play with Legos.

I've been stretched this month.

Last fall, I was approached by a teacher from my Sunday School class and asked if I would be interested in being part of the teaching team that rotates on a monthly basis. I prayed, talked to Lou, prayed some more and said, "yes." I agreed to teach for a month, then re-evaluate, re-pray,  to see if it really was a good fit for me, a good fit for them.

January has been that month. We have spent the entire time in John 17. And I, like all who teach, have learned more than anybody. Some of the gems picked up along the way have been quite unexpected. It's one of those that I want to describe for you here.

When I study the Bible, I like to look up the words in their original language. On Lifeway's website, there's a helpful link on the left that says KJV with Strong's. Click on that, type in the chapter you need, and there, you have the words highlighted that Dr. Strong traced back to their original language.
Sometimes, when I click on a word, there's not much that grabs me. But sometimes, there are "Wow. That's cool." moments. Moments when a light bulb comes on and I think better, bigger thoughts about the one who made me. Moments when I make a connection I've never made before.

I was drawn to look up the word "word" because it is repeated in John 17 many times. Off to Strong's I went.

That picture is an abbreviation of the page. However, this wasn't the page that caught my attention. See the Root: line? That's where I struck gold. I clicked on it and found this:

Lego! Could it possibly be that the founders of Lego named their building blocks after this Greek word? I had to find out.  Off to WikiAnswers and Lego's home page I went.

Check out their history, and you'll find this statement:

The name 'LEGO' is an abbreviation of the two Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well". It’s our name and it’s our ideal. 

It's not from the Greek, but it is definitely not bad. Play well. Which is what you can't help but do when you're a kid and playing with such a quality toy. Your imagination and creativity are engaged and the sky is the limit. My mind then bounced back to what I was looking up in the first place: word. John 17 tells us in verse 17

  Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

Just like Legos help children to play well, The Word helps all of us to play well - to live well.

WikiAnswers provided that same information, but added that lego in Latin means "I put together." That phrase works for the toy, and for God. Who's the one who put us together in the first place and the only one who can put us back together day after day? The Word made flesh. (John 1:1)  

So, I started out looking up a word in Greek, and ended up researching the name of a toy. How could I have known that God would use that research -that name - to remind me about Him and what he does? He enables us to live and play well, and only He puts us together. I will never look at Legos the same again.

Luke and David spent hours upon hours playing with these amazing blocks. After my little bit of time thinking about them, I'm convinced God would play with Legos. Think that may be stretching things a bit? Well, that's what this month has been all about. And it feels good.

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