Friday, June 8, 2012

InstaFriday- The Proverbial Woodshed and More

 Another InstaFriday, another week documented through the lens of my phone.

As you can tell, our gardening skills are lacking a bit this year. This was actually a left-over-began-growing-by-itself-that-we-ignored-and-it-went-to-seed-and-we-were-too-lazy-to-pull-it-up-until-right-now-onion.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel this overwhelming love for your child and then, in less than 24 hours, you want to take them out behind the proverbial woodshed?

This week, our 3rd child, David, who just graduated from high school, left to work at a camp for the month of June. A month! He's gonna be gone a month! Of course, the day before and the day of departure, you find yourself gazing longingly at him and treasuring every every day moment. The time then comes for him to leave. You hug his neck, tell him you love him and send him off.

He's perfect at that moment.

Moments later, I find the stack of thank you notes that, to his credit, he wrote before he left for his month at camp. To my immediate chagrin and his future chagrin, however, he neglected to address them. On the outside of all those envelopes, he had written the name of the person it was to go to, but he didn't put their address or his return address.

Now you need to know the countless conversations we had had about getting these completely done before he left. And he assured me that they would be done. I think the words, "Trust me," even came out of his mouth..

He was now gone, and they weren't completely done.

He was not perfect at this moment.

I resisted the urge to send him a blistering text, but I did call and we "chatted." I think he understood where I was coming from.

His three younger sisters finished his job, and will enjoy a nice meal out compliments of their brother when he gets back.

Perfect or not though, still loved.

"Girls, try to make your handwriting look as much like David's as possible."
Is this encouraging forgery?

Lou and I have this running conversation about pioneer life, so I made him chuckle when he got this pic from me in the middle of his work day. Don't you love the little connections you have with your spouse?

Our local grocery store, Woods, usually has better prices than this.

I guess the printer thought the omission of one tiny little dot wouldn't matter that much...

Dot or no dot, that melon is a little too pricey for me
Then on an evening walk this week, the wow factor was activated. God does good work.

On same said evening, these three teenagers enjoyed a little yahtzee on our screened in porch. Don't you love casual summer nights?

Cute, cute and triple cute! Saw this in what may one day be a thing of the past - a magazine. Wasn't even tempted to tear out the page, just got out my handy dandy iPhone.

Spent three afternoons this week at a Classical Conversations conference. I am pumped! Bring on those compound complex sentences! Show me the gerund! To infinitives and beyond!

While I was at my CC conference, two of my girls helped with our church's VBS. It's always a good thing when the back of a shirt displays life giving truth!

The mail brought official glad tidings from Fayetteville. I texted Luke a picture of this and he texted back, "I have a huge grin on my face." Me too, son. Me too.

Faith and Elizabeth have been up and at 'em every morning this week for morning workouts (6 a.m.) with our school's cross country team. That regimen has obviously taken its toll on Elizabeth, who conked out around 9 a.m. on the nice hard bench in our kitchen. It did have warm sunshine going for it.

Yes, I did crawl under the table to get this shot.
 Can you read the price in this picture? It says $2.78. With the saver card from our local grocery store, I was able to get .43 off per gallon for 20 gallons.

That is always very welcome when you are filling up this beast.

I still love my suburban
This suburban was the car of choice for our trip today to Minneapolis, MN, for my niece's wedding. The beauty sleep the girls got during the trip obviously worked....

Beauty sleep in progress
 And, here they are all cleaned up and ready for the rehearsal dinner.


It's been a full, busy, blessed week.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing it with me!


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  1. I am so right there with you on the thank you notes!! There are still some spread out in our living room that he said he would hand deliver!!! Glad to know others are having the same kind of "problems"! :)

  2. i loved reading about your big kids! yay for that cheap gas :)