Friday, June 15, 2012


Some days are harder than others. Can I admit to you that I am having a hard day today?

I've wanted to cry and I've wanted to bite some heads off. So far, those two dragons have stayed in the "wanted" phase - and that's good. Both for me and the other potential victims. I can't really guarantee they'll stay there, but we'll deal with that when and if the time comes.

For now, I'm going to do what has, for me, at least, always been a very helpful thing. I'm going to do the next thing.

And on Fridays, one of those next things is my InstaFriday post. My life documented through the lens of my cell phone. This little blogging exercise typically brings a smile to my face. Any type of  creativity, even on the smallest of levels, does that for most people, I think. So it's extra nice when a "next thing" thing is creative!

I'm feeling better already.

And I remember feeling really good when we took a trip to Minnesota this past weekend for my niece's wedding. A happier, giddier bride I don't ever remember seeing. Her joy was infectious.  Since the wedding wasn't until 7 p.m., we shopped and partied on Saturday...

One of the greatest stores on the planet

I thought these shelves were really fun

Cousins outside Lou's favorite store, REI

My girls with me before the nuptials

And with the happiest bride on the planet

Worshipped at this church on Sunday.
Heard song "Let us Love and Sing and Wonder," which was written by John Newton of "Amazing Grace" fame.

After our weekend in Minneapolis, we headed to Rochester and spent the night with my brother. He loves words and language like me, and showed me what he's been reading lately.

He reads a selection from this to his family after the evening meal

My sister-in-law has a green, green thumb. She grew these lovely peonies...

Gracing the wall of their house was one of my mom's samplers. I remember this hanging on the wall of my childhood home. It's the old fashioned stamped cross-stitch, not the more modern counted variety.

Not sure I agree completely with this sentiment. 
Speaking of vast, or at least, semi-vast, ideas, the girls and I ripped out the carpet in my closet on Tuesday. And at this point on Friday, we are still enjoying the sub flooring motif that is so popular right now.

I ended my week with a trip to Springfield. Orthodontist appointments and Hobby Lobby go well together. However, I was not prepared to see some Christmas displays out on June 14th! That's just wrong.

And now, I find myself at the end. I'm happy to report that I do indeed feel better than when I started.

Very grateful for the "next thing" of counting my InstaFriday blessings! Thanks, Jeannette, over at Life.rearranged, for this weekly, joy bringing Link Party!

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  1. Shelly, you look gorgeous and so thin in that red dress!! Adorable pic of all you! :)

  2. Sadly the closest Ikea store to where I live is at least 5-6 hours away. I haven't made the trek yet, but soon I think. Very soon. ;-) The wedding photos are fantastic! And I agree - Christmas in June is just very wrong and it's my favorite holiday too! :-) Stopping by from the Insta-Friday link up.