Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday - 51-derful Birthday Week

Fall is in the air, and PSLs are at Starbucks!
Before you can even say three of Faith's favorite words this time of year - Pumpkin Spice Latte -  this week happened and was gone!

Do you ever feel that way? Wow. We were busy. And a bit unexpectedly - but in a fun way.

Our Faith, of above PSL fame, is on our school's homecoming court. We found that out on Thursday, and she will get to wear a beautiful dress in just a couple of weeks. That means we need a beautiful dress. Since we don't have those kind of dresses hanging around in our closets, we made an unexpected but fun trip to Springfield to find the dress.

Of course you have to eat out. We recommend Pickleman's in downtown Springfield, where they have the world's coolest coke machine. Or in my case, the world's coolest Diet Coke machine.

And with this unexpected Saturday outing, I was very thankful my sister, Kathy, was here to hang with my mom while were were cavorting around the mall. Elizabeth is named after her.
Elizabeth Kathleen and Martha Kathleen

I was doubly thankful for Kathy on Sunday, because we made a mad dash to KC after church because we had no luck finding the dress in Springfield. I was up to my usual shenanigans and made the girls traipse up a hill on the side of the highway en route to KC because I can't pass up such beauty!

Thank you, God!

We did find the dress in KC, after trying on every dress in KC - or at least at Oak Park Mall. I'm gonna save a picture of it for a later post, but I'll show you the back of one of our favorite dresses.

Not the dress, but beautiful back!
I leafed through a couple of magazines in between the fashion shows, and saw this:

Would my 6 kids describe our household as chaotic?


Are they worth all the chaos?

Double yes.

After all our unexpected weekend travels, something very expected happened.

My 51st birthday.

Lou couldn't have found a more appropriate card in light of the year we've had. I instagrammed it.

Where are their helmets?!?!

So far, getting older is not adversely affecting my health - which is nice.

However, filling up our suburban this week just about gave me a HEART ATTACK!

This is not nice

It was very nice to not have to take that gas guzzler to see our three kids who now hang out in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We be-bopped down in the TL, hiked a bit with Hannah, and then dined with her and the boys. Fun. Fun. Fun.

We did not disturb wildlife and we maintained control of our speed at all times

We helped Hannah hang a couple of things in her apartment before we left. We used one of my favorite apps to make things look just right - a level!

Very handy - and free!

And to round out the week, I'll share a pic of something I really think is wonderful - a healing husband!  He's 9 weeks out from the wreck and doing well. Our local paper contacted him about sharing his story. He was more than happy to encourage the world to wear their helmet!

I like this guy
And, I like that you've stopped by.

I hope you have a restful weekend. And enjoy the gift it is.

Remember, every day is a gift. That's why it's call the present.

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  1. Enjoyed the blog! The wildflowers - so happy that our recent rains have encouraged them to show their pretty faces again!! Cool that you stopped for the picture!