Saturday, September 22, 2012


Simple. Cell. Saturday.

Instead of Friday, like it's supposed to be.

But I won't worry about that right now. I'm just happy to have a few moments to hang out on the computer and remember my week.

And, I'm really counting on these InstaFridays to help me remember my life when I'm old and have possibly forgotten the sweet details of "the good ol' days."

Speaking of a good day, that's what our volleyball team had last Saturday at the Buffalo Tournament. We won the whole thing! Car trips home are so much more fun when you win. I'm sure the key to our success was this little lactic acid draining exercise...


The opposite of winning is what these two Razorbacks witnessed last Saturday in Fayetteville - but let's not talk about that. Let's just be happy when your sweet daughter messages you this picture from the game.

The senior and the freshman

Sunday, I made the younger 3 pose for a pic just cause I thought they looked cute.

Moms can do that whenever they want. If I get any static about this right of motherhood, I use the "I gave birth to you" trump card, and they get in picture position and smile.

This week, for the first time this year, I made it to Mary Grace's school with a special lunch. I grabbed one of her favorite subways, and we inhaled them in the 21 minutes middle schoolers are given to snarf lunch. The "International Plaza" at Bolivar Middle School is inviting and festive. So are Mary Grace and Grace.
Instagrammed it:)

Twice a month, Mary Grace and I leave Bolivar at 6:50 a.m., to drive to Springfield for her violin lesson at 7:45 a.m. It's early, but she's a happy camper.
Her grandfather's violin

Wednesdays also happen to be date day with my man. After I hightailed it back to Bolivar with Mary Grace, I turned around and went back for a fun day with Lou. We recommend lunch at the little deli inside Mama Jean's on Republic Road.

Speaking of food, let me introduce you to my constant companion since July 16 - myfitnesspal. Since that fateful day, I've logged every morsel of food that I've eaten and every bit of exercise I've done.

Has it been a pain? Yes.

Has it been worth it? Yes.

When you join, you enter all your vital stats (which no one can see) and how much you want to lose a week. (The suggested amount is 1 lb/wk). The app does all the calculations and lets you know how many calories you can eat per day and lose weight.

I'm down 13 lbs since I started. It's a free app, and if you join, I'll be your friend and we can encourage each other! Look me up...ShelleyMarea.

I did exercise after I snapped this, - just so you know and can be impressed.

It's always interesting to see what the girls end up wearing for dress up days. Thursday night at K-Life was '80s night. That is some serious make-up and hair. And earrings.

Ok. I know you've seen a similar screen before, but I just can't help posting another one. It's just too good! This is my favorite app! Fighter Verses from the ministry of Desiring God. Spend the $2.99 and download it! You will not regret it. The words on this screen are different than any other words you read. They are the words of life.

This app will say the verse of the week out loud to you. It will sing it to you. It will quiz you till you've got it down. Then, God can use these verses that are already in you to guide and encourage you as we go through this thing called life!

And, we round out the week with Friday.

Faith and Lou headed to Fayetteville for a visit with our Razorbacks. Fun, precious father/daughter time.

I headed to our football stadium here in town to cheer on the Liberators. The theme this week for our student fans was Motocross. Elizabeth and her friend, Kasey, did their part! Very fun!

After the win, our students circled up to pray for one of our players who was injured during the game.

Seeing this kind of thing fills your heart in the best kind of way...

Thanking God on this Saturday for filling my heart this week with many good things.

Thanking you for stopping by and sharing it with me.


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  1. I enjoyed your blog again, this week. My son-in-law, from West Plains, took my grand-daughter to the game at Fayetteville last weekend. She has been there several times, thinking of going to college there. She is a Senior in high school, so time is closing in to make big decision. I'm pull for Ole Miss, so she will be close to me. Love watching your children in all their activities. Shelley your Father would be so proud of you. Blessings to you and your family.