Tuesday, September 4, 2012



That's how I'm feeling today. When I looked the definition of that word up on my computer's widget dictionary, I saw that I was pegged on both counts.

I was wanting to blog, but felt...uninspired. (See first definition)

I needed to do some stuff around the house, but felt...uninspired. (See second definition)

So what do I do about feeling uninspired?

Well, the first voice I hear is my dad's. He would say at this point, "How you feel is how you feel." No sense in trying to say you don't feel a certain way when you do. So I acknowledge it - to myself and to God - and then I try to make a conscious effort not to wallow in it.

I am not always successful in this - just ask my hubby. I can wallow with the best of them.

Then I remember the gist of a paragraph I read one time while we were visiting friends in Texas. I don't remember the book, but I do remember it talked about the "art of plodding." A lot of life consists of plodding. Not everything is exciting every moment. Sometimes, you just have to plod along. Check out the definition of "plod."

plod |pl├Ąd|verb ( plods, plodding plodded no obj. ]walk doggedly and slowly with heavy steps:we plodded back up the hill | figurative :talks on a new constitution have plodded on.• work slowly and perseveringly at a dull task
Talk about kissin' cousins - plod and uninspired fit the bill.

But, if you plod even though you feel uninspired, you have done something. You've walked. You've worked - which means you've done something. Hopefully, that something benefits you and/or the people around you. And when you've done something that's helped, you feel better.

So, we are back to the feelings...after we've gone ahead and plodded through and done what needed to be done, we feel better! Our uninspired plodding has actually been what God uses to work on our feelings.

He does things like that.

And that, my friend, is inspiring.

I'm feeling better already...

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  1. I really needed this, Shelley. Thanks for sharing. You really need to write a book!
    Thanks for introducing me to plodding, something I need to be ok with and settle for instead of getting agitated when things aren't as good as I'd like them to be. Rather than wallow in my lack of energy and willpower, I need to just plod and get done what little I can. Little is better than nothing!