Saturday, September 1, 2012

InstaFriday - Last Week of August

My eyelids were heavy when I uploaded these pictures at 11:20 on Friday night. So heavy, that I loaded them and promptly went to bed. I really like going to bed. When I'm really tired. Like I was last night at 11:20.

I didn't even set the alarm this morning, although I woke up at the normal time - 5:30 a.m. I smiled, and turned over, relishing the fact that I could roll back over and sleep in a bit.

Up by 7 a.m. but feeling like I just enjoyed a mini vacation on this rainy Saturday morning, I've been about normal household stuff. And now, another mini vacation as I do something I so enjoy - blogging.

If I'm blessed with old age, I think I'll look back rather fondly at my InstaFridays. The recording of normal days and the joys and jolts that they bring.

Knowing that they are all gifts from God.

So, how did we live our last week of August?

Last Saturday, we enjoyed an evening at the zoo with some friends from church. It had been forever since we'd been to the zoo! Too long.

When I looked at all the various animals, all I can say is, God has quite an imagination!
Instagrammed the giraffe feeding moment

Since we were already in Springfield, we made a quick trip to Academy Sports. I saw this and decided that all moms need one these. In fact, this could be the gift I start taking to baby showers. What do you think?


We've had some car issues this week, so I've driven our kids' '87 Dodge Dakota a couple of times while my beloved suburban was getting some TLC.

Feel free to sign the ceiling if you are ever in it.

I have not made homemade bread since before Lou's bike wreck.

Can't say that anymore! It's back! My family is very glad.

My senior and junior volleyball players had their first game this week. I was one of the moms to feed them beforehand. This elite group of moms are known as Momerators. And of course, I had to document such a momentous occasion.

We enjoyed a good laugh over the "before" picture where the girls were making sure smiles would be perfect for the "real" picture.
"Elizabeth, you've got something right here."

Ok, this next picture proves that you can't trust pictures! Two people are photoshopped in...

Can you tell?

Took a picture of this picture and sent it my 3 older kids asking them the same question because photoshopping amazes me!

Photoshop-ees are my Faith (#7) on the front row, and my Elizabeth (right behind #22) on the second row.

In my Bible study this week, this caught my heart.

I'm studying Nehemiah through Kelly Minter's Living Room Series. Nehemiah had it in his heart to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. In that study, they also cite this example, where we see what David had in his heart to do.

The study is challenging me to ponder the following question:

What has God put in your heart to do?

And how I want to hear the same words shown below..."you did well to have this in your heart."

And near and dear to this turtle's heart is our cat food.

Fascinating to me how every once in a while, this same turtle shows up in our garage and enjoys a snack.

Mary Grace long ago tagged our friend with her initials - a sideways "M" "G"

Speaking of Mary Grace, I don't think she has stopped smiling since she bought this poster of One Direction at her school's book fair. It's now on her wall.

Her fav? Harry
Our first home volleyball game brought out the fans. Best fans I can remember ever having at a volleyball game. Uhmmm, do you notice anything about the majority of fans at a girl's volleyball game? Can you say "spandex?"

Nothing handy to write on? Just grab the nearest wrist. It's attached, so it's pretty hard to lose.

Faith's notes

And speaking of notes, I'm writing a note to myself - not on my wrist - but on my calendar: do your InstaFriday on Thursday, for Pete's sake!

Hope you can look back at your August and smile.

Looking forward to a grace-filled September!


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  1. stoppin' by from life rearranged :) cute pics!!! love the giraffe and turtle shots...and that would be a great present for mama's...I know some friends who would LOVE it :)

  2. Stoppin' by for instafriday! Lovely pictures! I especially like how you describe sleeping in on Saturday! My 8am this morning felt like I got to sleep for years!