Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David's Christmas in February

Wednesday is a big day for our 19 year old son, David. Finally, finally, after 3 1/2 years of hardship and deprivation, he will join the smartphone world.

He has been living in the barren wasteland of non-smartphone land since he was 16. We can only wonder at how he's been able to cope all this time with such an archaic instrument. The one positive to having such an antique is that, at least as far as he has been concerned, it was free.

All that is about to change.

For Christmas this year, David asked for the iPhone 5. We already had that in mind for him because he's in college now. College has been our "you're ready for a smart phone" barometer with the two kiddos that have preceded him, and so we were prepared for such a request. (And we were prepared for the monetary contribution dependent smartphone owners in the Harris family make to our monthly phone bill). The only drawback to his request was timing. David's contract didn't end at Christmas, but February 20, 2013. Well, we love the boy, but we didn't want to pay for a new phone out of contract. So, he received one of those Christmas presents that everybody loves to get. They open a package that is basically is an I.O.U. You're getting a phone, but not until February!

David was very gracious and very excited. He knew it would be worth the wait.

He's so ready that he's already bought a case. I got this text from him on the 15th where he was responding to something I said and informing me of his new purchase.

"I already bought a phone case."

Those words spoke volumes to me immediately. He already bought a case because he knew his dad and me and he trusted that we were people of our word. He completely trusted us - so much so that he spent his money for something promised, not something he already had in hand.

I immediately thought of God. He's more trustworthy than Lou and me. He always keeps his promises.


So, never one for missing an opportunity to share an insight I'm excited about, I texted the following back to David.

I always love it when God surprises me with thoughts about himself - who He is and what He does - in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times.

Kind of doubly nice that this little spiritual insight is so closely connected to someone I love...

I'm super excited for our David as we get to put that highly anticipated item in his hands on Wednesday.

The calendar will read February 20, 2013, but we'll be saying, "Merry Christmas!"

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