Saturday, February 2, 2013


This InstaFriday (ok, Saturday) is appropriately named this week. I'm posting it in an instant because I'm in Branson for the weekend with my man!

I found this imploring picture on my lock screen this week. Mary Grace wants me to get on her school's parent portal. She keeps mentioning it to me when I can't do anything about it so she took the "put it on her phone so she won't forget it" route.

Her eyelashes look really long!
 Sunday, we celebrated hard work and good grades at Bolivar High School's Academic Banquet. Faith posing here with some of her fellow seniors that were also honored. (Elizabeth would have been there too, but she had to play a little soccer with her team.)
Boot wearing sweet girl front and center = Faith
Proud mamas and daughters...lifelong friends, Becca and Sue Roweton.

Speaking of academic, that is what I never feel when anything about the economy is mentioned. I plan on remedying that situation. Starting with this book. I find it fascinating so far. And, I now know what inflation is.

This past week was spirit week. The student council threw a couple of unusual "days" into the mix this year. Starting with Modesty Monday, which I'm sure the administration loved.

And then there was Class Rank day:
     Seniors - gods and goddess
     Juniors - princes and princesses
     Sophomores - peasants
     Freshmen - babies

Clever and fun!

I found the courage to post the next pictures from my friend, Trina Banner. She periodically does a For Real??? post on her blog that helps us all remember that nobody has it all together all the time - even though it's what we sometimes try to convey on social media. She asked us to join her in "being real." Ok, Trina, here goes.

Three weeks ago, I did a post about my need to declutter. To read about that, click here. My goal of getting 40 items out of my house per week is on target so far. This week I worked for about 20 minutes (that's all the time I could find this week) in the toy closet in the basement. Here's what it looked like before...For Real.

20 minutes later, a bit of improvement.

I've still got a loooong way to go, but I've started!


I'm celebrating my baby steps!

Hope you have something to celebrate this weekend too!


life rearranged

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