Friday, February 8, 2013

InstaFriday- First Week of February

Technology never ceases to amaze me. As I type, I am sitting next to Lou B in his comfy TL and we are en route to Columbia, MO. I'm all set up with a personal hotspot, thanks to my iPhone and the fact that we have used hardly any data on our phone plan (so I can drain that bank because the cycle ends on the 9th - Score!)

Again, wow. And...spoiled. I am spoiled. Did I mention my heated seat is on, too? I am a thankful spoiled, if that helps at all.

Anywho, back to the task at hand. Time to document, forever and for always - or at least as long as electricity and the internet lasts - my first full week of February that was caught by the lens of my cell phone.

Last weekend, my man and I headed to Branson, MO, for our church's annual marriage retreat. Lou B and I have attended this for 15 out of the 17 years that it's been held. Always a good, strengthening time for us. Plus, we get to hang out with good friends. And we laugh - a lot.
I doodled a little bit...
Connie and Kerrick.............................................Tom and Polly
We had to leave the retreat a smidge early because two of our girls (and the rest of the Bolivar Libs) had a 12:30 indoor soccer game. This was my first time to watch a soccer game with walls.

I. am. a. fan.

It's fast. I can see the whole field (we watched from the upstairs bleachers). The bounces off the walls really add to the game. And there's a penalty box where those who get called for stinky fouls go. Drama!

Will vanHoornbeek, Mary Grace, Grace vanHoornbeek, Elizabeth

Come Monday, the morning commute to Bolivar Middle School at 7:30 a.m. resumed. Just east of the square, we see this. True to form, I took advantage of my surroundings to teach a little punctuation and grammar. AHHHHHHH!

This is painful

Also true to form, Lou met with the brothers via Skype for a little discussion of a book by one of our favorite authors, Tim Keller. Yet another wonderful use of technology.

Tuesday, I also got to hang with two of my favorite people for a couple of hours. We caught up on life  and served the best nachos and popcorn this side of the Pecos River.

Tuesday we also smiled when we watched ESPN because we caught a glimpse of our David on the highlights of Arkansas' win over Florida.
I think they were a little excited
Wednesday night, Elizabeth was inducted into the National Honor Society. Faith, already a member, was there to pose in the sister pic.

Speaking of Faith, she and two of her buddies, Isaak and Stephen, were one of 10 acts to perform in the Bolivar High School talent show. They performed "Little Talks" by the group Of Monsters and Men. I'm totally biased, but it was totally awesome. To take a listen, click here.

We were all so excited, Luke came up from Fayetteville, my mom braved the rain and cold, and I let Mary Grace skip all her morning classes to cheer her on!

On our way to Elizabeth's basketball game on Thursday night, this made us ooh and aah. Thank you, thank you, God, for this kind of beauty evening after evening after evening.

I know I started this post en route to Columbia, and I had to rig my phone to have a personal hotspot, but I'm ending it in my home - my personal heart spot.

I'm with those I love.

I hope you get to spend time with those you love in the days ahead.

Thanks for stopping by!


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