Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Cells

I'm a bit out of sync this week with my blogging. I have no really good reason why. It was a busy week, but then again, so is every week.

Blessedly busy.

Since I missed the whole InstaFriday scene, I had to come up with something somewhat catchy for the same thing, except on Sunday.

"Sunday Cells." That works. My Sunday version of InstaFriday. Those pictures where I grab my phone and make everybody stop what they're doing so I can record a moment for all of time and eternity!

And speaking of time, some of us Bolivar Family Care Center folks had a great time at the Chili Cook-Off last Saturday. My main man, Lou, made his famous Chili Blanco, which is good and healthy. We had a blast serving up our good stuff, and tasting all the others that were there.

My apologies to Bill for making it look like he has a stoplight for a beard.

A stop by Academy Sports this week means a stop in front of this mirror near the shoe department. Alway good for a chuckle.

And I always, always...I'm not kidding here...I always buy this gum when I go to Academy. Love, love, love its sourly goodness!

You know what else I love?

Food. Pretty much all types of food.

And guess what?

Food loves me.

Back in July 2012, I decided to get ahold of my food loving ways so that I could get rid of some of the food that had decided to plant itself permanently on my body. A friend recommended an app called "myfitnesspal." Since then, I've been a calorie counting fool. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but it's done some good work in my life.

I had to laugh when I looked at my numbers after I went to Classical Conversations on Monday. (Cue some beautiful classical music). We had our Valentine's Day party that day, and as you will soon see, I partied!

The day started out well....(beautiful music continues to play)

When we have B&Gs, I put 1 tablespoon of gravy on my 1/2 biscuit. It's really plenty, and I haven't blown my calories.

My sister gave me a scale for Christmas, so I love being able to accurately measure just how much meat I eat. This is one of my favorite lunches...and, believe it or not, I am surprisingly satisfied after this. (Beautiful music is building, about to reach a crescendo).

Then, I went to the party. (Screech!!!!!!)

Pretty amazing how those little "fun" and "snack" size candies pack a pretty good caloric punch!

And speaking of punch, that's what I'll do to anyone who says they want to put my picture on this wall in Wood's. Any joy I had over saving money would be lost over my "celebratory" mug shot.

But joy is exactly what I experience every time I see this picture of my sweet girls. Since this poster size photo hangs right outside his office door, I see it when I visit my man at work.

Faith, toothless Elizabeth, Hannah, and Mary Grace

Another smile producer: these mugs at Caribou Coffee. They were part of their Valentine promotion.

So true

If my friend, Marla, goes out of town, we invite her husband, Wes, over for some of Lou's famous pasta. We take a picture of the whole scene, send it to Marla, and tell her we missed her.

She went out of town. We took a picture. Sent it. And, we definitely missed her.

Today was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day here in the Ozarks. After lunch, our Faith picked the spot we all like to go for that lovely Sunday afternoon nap. Glorious!

I hope your weekend was restful and glorious! Maybe you're like me, and have an extended weekend with President's Day tomorrow. If you do, enjoy! If not, still enjoy!

God's got good work for us to do!

Thanks for stopping by.


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