Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Words for the Daily Dash-Day 15

I have amazing children. I want to and could talk/blog about them all the time. They are the stuff even poems are made of.  If you only knew the powers of restraint I employ to keep them out of every one of my blog posts, you would be impressed. Even though they are incredibly special to me, they are normal kids, not perfect (kind of like me) and a work in progress. So today, I'd like to share one of the prayers that I often pray for them. This prayer, along with tell yourself the truth from day 12,  I first heard from my friend, Marla.

Lord, please let my kids get caught.

Let them get caught when they do something, say something, wrong. When they sin.  Even if the being caught is public and embarrassing. (I don't like typing that).  John Piper recently tweeted the following quote that solidified my belief in the rightness of this prayer. The only thing worse than being caught in secret sin is not being caught. 

Sin, even small and secret, is spiritual cancer. If it's not removed, death results. Jesus dealt with that on the cross, and if we confess our sin and take it to the cross, death is exchanged for life. And I desperately want life, real life, for my children.

So I'm praying this prayer, along with many others, for the six souls entrusted to their dad and me. It's prayed out of the deepest love for them. And I'm praying for the wisdom needed when that prayer gets answered.
Our six souls

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  1. My parents always told us that is what they prayed for us from the time we were little, and I think it was answered; somehow they always knew. A good reminder I need to start praying that for Jack.