Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days of Words for the Daily Dash-Day 7

Steve Jobs died two days ago. My sympathies go out to his family and friends.  I'm typing these words on my MacBook Pro and I just got a text message from my daughter on my iPhone. I'm thankful for his God given creativity and talent. Millions are benefiting from it. This morning, I watched the speech he gave at Stanford's 2005 graduation. After listening to that, I think he would heartily agree with one of the phrases that is on my list.

Go invent something.

My kids have to fight rolling their eyes and shaking their heads when they hear me say that. But it's what I hear and what I say when they hint that they might possibly be bored.

It's really code for "go do something creative." I just like the way go invent something sounds - all Thomas Edison-ish.  And I'm convinced that we need a little more boredom or at least potential boredom in our lives. It makes us stop and think, "What can I do with my time?" And hopefully, we won't always think of what we can do in purely entertaining ways. Maybe we can get to the point of doing something that, although it is still work, is enjoyable and it benefits more than just me. The bonus in taking that tack is that the doer really gets the most joy of all!

Well, I'm all about more joy. So I think I'll stop here, hoping someone benefits from this post, and I'll keep the joy and the creative juices flowing and start drafting post #8.

Note: Speaking of being creative, here's the link to the 746 31 Day Participants. You're sure to find something to inspire you there!

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