Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Words for the Daily Dash-Day 27

On my Facebook info page, I have listed as one of my activities and interests: constantly trying to get organized. I wish I had worded that differently. It seems a little lame to me now. I'm going to change it - after this post. Unlike my friend, Sue Roweton, who is always organized, I tend to be behind the eight ball in this area. I'm making baby steps in the right direction, which is good, since I really like to be organized! And today, I'd like to share one of my favorite quotes regarding that blissful state.

You can never be too organized, just too inflexible.

Isn't that so true? Do absolutely all you can to make your life simple, streamlined, and stress free. But when something hits the radar that you weren't expecting, don't freak out. Don't believe that everything is ruined because it interfered with what you had planned or organized. Be willing to bend to new information that calls for new formations.  

Before Lou went to India in 2001, all informational papers that he brought home concerning the trip had a border around the edge. In small print, framing all four sides were the repeating words, Be flexible Be flexible Be flexible. I remember at the time thinking that we all need to remember that, not just the people going to India on a mission trip.

So, I love this saying. It frees a person up to be as hyper-organized as they want. But it also provides a much need flexibility check.

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  1. yee-ouch! That saying nailed me. I think I blame my non-flexible-ness on being a bit OCD-ish...letting it be my excuse, instead of changing. I'll have to chew on this one today. Thanks...(my husband thanks you, too! lol)