Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Words for the Daily Dash-Day 22

I ended my Day 21 post with a prayer. So it seemed fitting to continue in that vein and share with you one of my favorite prayers. I hesitate to use the word favorite in regard to this prayer, because almost every time I pray it, I'm in angst, and favorite is a word that smiles. Angst does not smile. But it is one of my most faith filled prayers. And by that, I mean that I wait for God to answer it. I often plead for God to answer it. I expect God to answer it.

Lord, teach me how to think about this.

When I am blindsided by an issue or information where my instincts point me in the direction of dismay or anger, I can feel my blood pressure start to rise. Caustic words start lining up in my brain ready to make the trip out of my mouth. Thankfully, about this time also, flashing red warning lights start going off. They signal that major regret is ahead if my course doesn't change. God reminds me of the words I need to breathe instead of the words I think I need to say. Lord, teach me how to think about this

When I am clueless about what to do in a particularly confusing parenting situation...Lord, teach me how to think about this.

When I'm confused about a decision where two choices seem equally good...Lord, teach me how to think about this.

All battles for right living are first won with right thinking. To ask God for help with right thinking has been one of my lifelines. It's been one of my life lessons. It is one of my life prayers.

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