Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Breakfast with Dad

This is something our oldest two children missed out on. I could get bummed about that, but then I remind myself of a couple of things.

1. They had a lot of time with us when they were little.
2. God's timing is perfect, and we can rest in that.

And, we just didn't think about this until our third child was a senior.

But in the fall of 2011, Lou started taking our senior out to breakfast on Wednesday mornings. He's enjoyed that time with three seniors since that time.

Every other day of the week, Lou leaves our house by 6:30 am -ish. That's early. Too early for a chatty breakfast with a teenager. Wednesday, however, is Lou's day off, which coincides with what is called "Late Start." On that day, classes at our school don't start until 9 a.m. That time frame allows for a couple of things.

1. Our senior can sleep in an extra hour.
2. Or, our senior can get up at the same time they always do and go have breakfast with dad.

They have all gladly agreed that breakfast with dad is worth missing an extra hour of sleep.

This momma loves seeing them leave together.
This momma loves seeing them come in the house together afterwards.

And this momma loves the donut they usually bring me.

Breakfast with Dad. It's a beautiful thing.

Not breakfast, but best I could do

Hilarious picture of Lou and part of David that I found looking for these others...couldn't resist putting it on here

Faith and her Dad
Elizabeth and her Dad

Another cute pic I found & couldn't resist putting on. Elizabeth and her dad at McDonalds. 1997

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