Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Good is Good

Beth Moore can bring it, can't she?

She's an engaging speaker and definitely caught my attention one day. A few years back, I was surfing radio stations and stumbled across a broadcast of one of her talks. It was half over, but I stayed there and heard a good word that knocked this put-a-lot-of-expectations-on-your-husband wife upside the head.

I came in on a part where Beth was repeating the question, "Women! Isn't good, good?

Then she'd follow it with, "Good is good!!"

The longer I listened I picked up that she was talking about us women and the expectations we put on our husbands and marriages. She said we all want to classify our marriages as great all the time and nobody can live with that kind of pressure. It took me back to a place I was up to my neck in when I was first married. I blogged about that place here. I'm glad I'm farther down the road from there!

I'm farther down the road, but that doesn't mean that I don't need a good reminder now and then.

 On the days of marriage that are harder - when I'm tempted to be complaining and ungrateful
                                                                 - when I'm tempted to compare and I/we come up short
                                                                  - when I'm tempted to put undue expectations on my marriage because it's not some imaginary "great" that some others have out there, I pray God reminds me of the very good gift I have in being married to a good man.

Good is good.

Good is so very good.

Let's tell our husbands how good they are.
Let's thank God for our good husbands.

I couldn't find the actual talk I heard on the web, but I did find the following quote from Beth Moore that catches the gist of what I heard.

"Nor, she says, is there anything wrong in “good” as opposed to “great”: “I believe that great marriages are great but that a good marriage can also be good. Amid the blur of magazine headlines and blog articles about how to have a great romance, a great marriage, great sex, great kids, great families, great jobs, great relationships, and fabulously great futures with great impact, save a little room in your heart to believe that good can also be good.”  Beth Moore quotes on family

NOTE: There are some of you that cannot say, "I have a good husband." You have had heartbreaking experiences with your spouse. You have walked roads of fear or betrayal that I have not walked and I cannot speak to. I pray God has met you in that painful place and helped. I pray you are on the road to healing. Please know that I pray this post has not caused you any extra grief.

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