Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: A Table Blessing

Before we eat a meal, our family thanks the Lord.

And we sometimes take a picture :) Easter 2014

Most of the time, my husband says the blessing, but each one of us will randomly volunteer to say it.

I like that time. To pause and remember how God has graciously provided for us and to thank him for it - to acknowledge that we know all that we have and enjoy comes from his hand - is not small.

Granted, sometimes we hear a blessing prayed without really being thankful. We are basically waiting for the A-men so we can Dig-in.

But hopefully, more often than not, we do listen and pray along and truly are thankful to our great, good, holy God. Accompanying that attentiveness however, there must be a reverence with which we approach God. He is not Joe Blow from Kokomo. 

He is God.

We tried to pass that emphasis along to our children. And I'm glad that reverence and thankfulness can hold hands with joy and smiles and songs. So every once in a while, we'd change up our table blessings and sing them as a family. When our children were young, they loved this. We had a couple that we did, but I'll just share one here. 

I kind of can't believe I'm putting my singing voice on the internet, but I am, because this song is sweet and true and fun and starts your meal off focused on our great, good God and with smiles all around.

You and your young ones are singing big truths about God.

God is great.
God is good.
Let us thank him for our food.
We're gonna thank him morning, noon, and night,
We're gonna thank him 'cause he's out of sight.
Amen. (chuchuchuuu, chuchchuchuuu chuchcuchuuu) Amen ((chuchuchuuu, chuchuchuuu chuchuchuuu)

[I have no idea if that is how you write those sounds! Also, I don't know who wrote this blessing. We learned it from our good friends, Sky and Louise Forrister. Thanks, guys]

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