Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: The Homestretch

I'm in the homestretch of Write 31 Days.

Homestretches are hard yet hopeful. They're hard because you tend to be weary. A lot of energy has gone into getting you to this place of "almost there." And to get through the homestretch takes perseverance.

They're hopeful because, so far, you've done what you set out to do, and you can see the finish line!

I think prayer is like a homestretch.
It's hard. It takes energy. It takes perseverance.

It's hopeful because we are praying to a great God. A great God who keeps his promises.

So it seems fitting to fill this blogging homestretch with prayers.

In preparation for these last few posts, I glanced through some of my old journals to see if I had written down any of my thoughts on prayer or if I written out any of my prayers. I had. Here's something I wrote back in 2007.

Can you read it?
It says:

June 7, 2007

Convicted today to be thankful  for my husband and my children. I'm always praying "help them" prayers or "change them" prayers, but I've been forgetting to pray "thank you, Lord, for who you've created them to be. Thank you Lord, for their unique gifts and abilities and who you've created them to be."

You wouldn't think I'd forget to be thankful for the unique people I love the most in the world, would you?

Sometimes I forget the really important stuff.

I'm hoping my time in this homestretch will remind me.

Our group climbing the Homestretch on Long's Peak (I didn't hike this, but most of my family did.)

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