Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Do Again-->Short and Sweet

I'm late posting today, so it's advantageous that this do again is short and sweet.

It has to do with dishes.

Somewhere along the line I read where a resourceful mom stored their plates and bowls and glasses in the lower cupboards rather than the upper ones so her young, able but short children could help empty the dishwasher. Then everything was right at their level!

They were also more than able to reach the dishes to set the table. 

I had never been to a house where I saw this! Weren't all of those types of dishes stored up high? Don't laugh, but I actually felt pretty radical when I made that unheard of switch. It felt odd at first to bend down to get those items, but in no time, it was my normal.

And, it immediately became a new normal for my kids.

Now those sweet little hands and short little bodies were able to chip in and help in a new way!

They are all grown up now, and we've switched those dishes back to their rightful place in the upper cabinets. But if I went back, I'd definitely be that radical again. 

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