Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Games I Play

You've gotta do what works, right?

For me, that sometimes includes playing pretend.

I don't do it to escape or while away the hours. I use it to motivate myself.

The other day, I was dragging my feet in cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast. It was more a case of  multitasking overload and misdirection as I was trying to do my work and check social media at the same time. (We all know which of those two dogs gets fed and which one gets starved.) The kitchen clock did its best to silently warn that time-was-a-wastin', but it wasn't until I played pretend that anything really happened.

Ok, Shelley. Stop. Pretend the President is going to be at your house in 30 minutes. 

Boom. That's all it took. I was up and going and focused.

Another handy motivating game I play is If you.

I put If you into action when I think something can't be done in the time allotted. Take these blog posts, for instance. I'm writing this one at 9:19 pm on the day it's due. I've had a full day and part of me started to excuse me and cut me some slack in posting one today. Part of me was beginning to think I couldn't get this done. 

But then If you popped into my head.

If you were going to get a million dollars once you published today's post, I bet you could get it done.

Yep, I could. 

I don't know why these silly games give me the kick in the pants I need sometimes, but they do. And somedays, you've just gotta do what works.

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