Monday, October 19, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Thankfuls

"Ok. Time to do Thankfuls!"

For many years, this is what we said as soon as we finished our read-a-loud time with our children.

The night was winding down and it was almost bedtime. After reading from the Bible, we'd go around the room and do Thankfuls.

Everybody ended the night saying what they were thankful for. Sometimes it was a pat answer - you could tell their heart wasn't really in it. But a lot of the time, you could see them thinking. You could tell they wanted to be sincere about what they said.

Such a good way to end the night.

It was one of those practices that was in our life for a season, and then gradually faded out - probably because our children were growing up and our nights began to revolve around school and sports activities. We weren't sitting around the family room together any more.

If I let myself, I can sometimes be bummed that those kind of times are no more. But I try not to let myself go there. I must thank God that we enjoyed that for a sweet season and then rejoice in the other gifts that the other seasons of life bring. Every season of life has its good gifts from God.

And, it's not like we aren't thankful any more!

We are! 

Thankful for then. 
Thankful for now.



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