Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Tribe's Vibe: Kid of the Week

Years ago, I saw this idea in the home of my good friend and mother extraordinaire, Suzie Evans.

On her refrigerator, she had  a piece of paper with "KID OF THE WEEK" written on it. Underneath it, in bold letters, was one of her children's names. I can't remember all of what that meant for them in their family, because we took some of their ideas and morphed them until we had our own meaning. But as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to start it in my family.

How awesome would it be to be a "Kid of the Week?"

In our family, that meant the following:

--You got to sit in the front seat of the car. Biggest. plus. ever. (And, I never had to hear squabbles about who was sitting up front.)

--If there was a decision that they couldn't all agree on, the KOTW decided. Ex: I might give them a choice between McD's & Wendy's for lunch. If we couldn't reach a consensus, KOTW decided.

--KOTW would get their seat of choice in the family room for family reading times or movies.

--If an opportunity presented itself and only one child could participate, KOTW was the child.

--It was kitchen week for them. They'd be the one who got to help in the kitchen if needed. I know. It doesn't seem like a perk, but we were still in the training business. And a big lesson to learn is that with perks, come responsibilities.

I'm really glad I saw I saw that peace promoting piece of paper on The Evans' refrigerator that day. Thanks, Suzie!

Former Kids of the Week :)


  1. This is so smart! I love this idea! Totally going to use it with our 5 kids. Thanks for sharing.